STORM’s Top 5 Tips to a Successful Event

Planning, organising and delivering large events can be extremely challenging. Here are STORM’s top 5 tips to a successful event.

1. Foster relationships, the client is key. Get to know them, find out what makes them tick. You could be working with each other for the best part of nine months at a time so you need to like each other. Be transparent with them, you don’t want them to think you’re hiding something. It makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

2. Be meticulous. We’re talking the finest of fine detail now. Look into every eventuality that you can and make sure everyone from the artists and coach drivers to the speakers and cleaners know what is expected of them. Once you’re on the event site there’s only so much you can arrange. Find the answers to as many questions as you can and give suggestions. What time will this arrive? What is the plan for that? Has anyone thought of this? It makes sure you’re fully up to date with the event and shows the client that you know what you’re doing. Keep asking!

3. Take the problem and own it. Clients hate problems and don’t want a chapter and verse about how you overcame a problem, they just want it sorting. Hopefully it doesn’t need escalating to them however if you need to, make sure that you let them know that you and your team will sort it. Don’t give them a headache if there is no need for one. Problem solving gives you more experience as a person. Embrace them.

    4. Something will go wrong, just acknowledge it now, there will be problems. It happens on every event site but it is how you deal with it which is crucial. Don’t crumble, rise above and sort it. Make sure you don’t keep all the issues to yourself, delegate them to the rest of your team. Before the event talk it and walk it through with whoever you need to and scenario play if necessary, this way fewer problems will arise on the big day. Do this and it will make the whole experience a lot less stressful.

    5. Have fun. You’re possibly spending a few weeks and longer on site so you need to enjoy yourself. You get to view things which ordinary folk don’t usually get to see so soak it in. Take as many pictures as you can for the next years event as you won’t believe what you’ll forget. Listen to the music, speak to the punters and people watch. It’s amazing what they get up to after a few ales.

    By Phil Moorhouse

    Phil Moorhouse is a senior event manager for STORM events. STORM have managed large, complicated and successful events including Liverpool Pride, Liverpool Sound City and Southport Flower Show amongst many others.

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    STORM Consultancy Summer Event Work Experience

    work experience, events, event management, student experience, UCAS

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    Launch of Plan B – New and invigorating business group

    This month has seen the launch of Plan B – a new, invigorating business group providing events, breakfast groups, women’s events and business development sessions.

    An initial meeting was held earlier this month to present the idea to local businesses and after an overwhelming response, Plan B has now been born. In less than two weeks the Plan B name and logo has been created, the interim board has been formed. websites, logos and social networking has been created, we have had our first two breakfast events each attended by 45 – 50 different businesses, we have had the legal formation and registration of Plan B for business Ltd, 8 months of event forecast outlined and two 2014 regional business conferenced plans.

    We are moving extremely fast – there is no time to sit around!

    For details of the next events and to book on, please visit the Plan B Website.

    Please also Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter

    Plan b. Southport Networking. Business Southport. Networking Southport. Event Southport. Business. Plan b for business. Plan b for business southport.

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    Gearing up for a “Super” weekend!

    The STORM team are as busy as ever this week as we continue to prepare for our upcoming events. Summer is crammed full of events and this season is particularly busy for us!

    It seems we have been jumping from one event to another this summer which has brought such an exciting breadth of variety in the types of event we are brought in on.  Our next event is to be Liverpool Pride, for which we will again be delivering the Event Management.

    Pride this year is set to be bigger, better and brighter than ever! The weather forecast is fantastic, the team is sharp and the theme is quite literally Super. We are expecting a larger crowd than Liverpool Pride has ever previously drawn during what is being reported as the hottest UK summer for seven years – it is going to be an incredible day out.

    We have today had one of the last big meetings in the preparation for the festival and everything is coming together. We are thoroughly looking forward to it – and we hope to see you there!

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    St Mary’s College Proms in the Park

    We had a great weekend, last weekend (6th July), when we went down to Crosby to manage the end of year Proms in the Park event for St. Mary’s College. This event was close to the hearts of the Cunninghams as St. Mary’s is the school that their three children currently attend. Not only that, but it is the school that Jonathan himself attended.

    The college put on a great collection of musical performances that truly impressed the huge crowds.

    What a fantastic event!

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    XtremeSTORM on TV!

    In recent weeks, XtremeSTORM television coverage has been shown several times on Channel 4, Sky Sports and British Eurosport. Feedback from the show has been fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed reliving the fantastic event. The footage has also been available on Channel 4′s On Demand service, but we have it available for you right here!

    XtremeSTORM 2013


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    XtremeSTORM 2013

    So it finally happened. On Saturday, 20th April, we delivered XtremeSTORM for the very first time! What an incredible day it was – with hundreds of competitors and thousands of spectators pouring in to Victoria Park and the surrounding area in Southport to be a part of the birth of something really special.

    The sun was blazing and spirits were high as the first wave of eager competitors were launched from the Pen of Pain. First off, they faced The Somme; a long, muddy crawl, battling with mounds of earth & logs and ducking below the barbed wire above. The Somme

    After scaling several  hay bales, tyre structures, shipping containers and buses – as well as surviving the shock of the electrically charged obstacle – they faced something entirely different; Eskimo Soup. Eskimo Soup is reminiscent of The Somme in that competitors are required to navigate a crawl under barbed wire – but instead of mud, you are launched face first into fish heads & guts.
    Eskimo Soup

    A few obstacles later, competitors broke free of the park to face a tyre carry and a lengthy beach run. Slogging it out across the long stretch of sand, they were headed for the iconic Southport Pier and our highly anticipated Pier Assault.

    Pier Assault

    From here, the course took the runners around the Marine Lake and then into it and across to the island. On the island waited a series of obstacles including one that is reportedly one of the most formidable of the whole course – The Wall. While it may not look particularly spectacular, or even that hard, this obstacle was one that tested even the most experienced of mud runners.

    The WallEn route back to Victoria Park, there were yet more grizzly challenges to conquer including a jaunt through the local fairground. Through New Pleasureland, we had yet more surprises for the troops in a helter-skelter and a hall of mirrors – not what any of them were expecting at all!

    Finally back in Victoria Park, returning to the cheers and tears of waiting family and friends, there was just one more obstacle to overcome – Apocalypse. This beast of a structure, like the Frankenstein’s Monster of obstacles, looks like four different obstacles have been brought together into one, giant obstacle by a mad man (which is essentially what happened).


    Finish LineFinish LineSo in just a few exhilarating hours, the culmination of many months of hard work came to an end… at least for this year!

    Keep your eyes and ears on full alert for announcements of the return of XtremeSTORM!

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    STORM Consultancy Present at Sefton Chamber

    Last week we were extremely delighted to be sponsoring Sefton Chamber at this month’s event.

    The event was held at Formby Golf Club and had an excellent turn out.

    Jonathan gave attendees a background on himself and the company and then moved on to WOW everyone with XtremeSTORM.

    Please find a link below to the XtremeSTORM fly through shown at the chamber event last Thursday.

    For more information on XtremeSTORM then please visit or call XtremeSTORM HQ on 08458946342

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    Please follow the link to view our latest video which features footage of our latest technical fit of one of our obstacles.

    It took a team a whole day to fit and test the massive 1/4 tonne net that will lead competitors up Southport Pier.

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    XtremeSTORM Net Test

    This weekend, some of the Xtreme Team cast their sights on Southport Pier to carry out a technical rehearsal for one of XtremeSTORM’s most anticipated obstacles. The team arrived at 0800hrs to set up the 1/4 tonne net to the iconic pier.

    The test took the whole day to complete and allowed time for some of our team to climb the net.

    Spectators gathered on the pier and were extremely curious to find out what on earth was going on. The feedback from the general public was extremely good, everyone is excited about the event taking over Southport and can’t wait for April!Please visit for more information and how to enter.

    Photos by Colin Angus at Colin Angus Photography XtremeSTORM XtremeSTORM Southport 20th & 21st April

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