XtremeSTORM Net Test

This weekend, some of the Xtreme Team cast their sights on Southport Pier to carry out a technical rehearsal for one of XtremeSTORM’s most anticipated obstacles. The team arrived at 0800hrs to set up the 1/4 tonne net to the iconic pier.

The test took the whole day to complete and allowed time for some of our team to climb the net.

Spectators gathered on the pier and were extremely curious to find out what on earth was going on. The feedback from the general public was extremely good, everyone is excited about the event taking over Southport and can’t wait for April!Please visit www.xtremestorm.com for more information and how to enter.

Photos by Colin Angus at Colin Angus Photography XtremeSTORM XtremeSTORM Southport 20th & 21st April

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