XtremeSTORM 2013

So it finally happened. On Saturday, 20th April, we delivered XtremeSTORM for the very first time! What an incredible day it was – with hundreds of competitors and thousands of spectators pouring in to Victoria Park and the surrounding area in Southport to be a part of the birth of something really special.

The sun was blazing and spirits were high as the first wave of eager competitors were launched from the Pen of Pain. First off, they faced The Somme; a long, muddy crawl, battling with mounds of earth & logs and ducking below the barbed wire above. The Somme

After scaling several  hay bales, tyre structures, shipping containers and buses – as well as surviving the shock of the electrically charged obstacle – they faced something entirely different; Eskimo Soup. Eskimo Soup is reminiscent of The Somme in that competitors are required to navigate a crawl under barbed wire – but instead of mud, you are launched face first into fish heads & guts.
Eskimo Soup

A few obstacles later, competitors broke free of the park to face a tyre carry and a lengthy beach run. Slogging it out across the long stretch of sand, they were headed for the iconic Southport Pier and our highly anticipated Pier Assault.

Pier Assault

From here, the course took the runners around the Marine Lake and then into it and across to the island. On the island waited a series of obstacles including one that is reportedly one of the most formidable of the whole course – The Wall. While it may not look particularly spectacular, or even that hard, this obstacle was one that tested even the most experienced of mud runners.

The WallEn route back to Victoria Park, there were yet more grizzly challenges to conquer including a jaunt through the local fairground. Through New Pleasureland, we had yet more surprises for the troops in a helter-skelter and a hall of mirrors – not what any of them were expecting at all!

Finally back in Victoria Park, returning to the cheers and tears of waiting family and friends, there was just one more obstacle to overcome – Apocalypse. This beast of a structure, like the Frankenstein’s Monster of obstacles, looks like four different obstacles have been brought together into one, giant obstacle by a mad man (which is essentially what happened).


Finish LineFinish LineSo in just a few exhilarating hours, the culmination of many months of hard work came to an end… at least for this year!

Keep your eyes and ears on full alert for announcements of the return of XtremeSTORM!

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