Two Owners of Nursing home fined £50,000 each.

Two owners of a nursing home in Leicester have each been fined £50,000 after a resident died in a fall from a hoist.

Annie Bradley, 78, who was known as Vera, suffered from Huntingdon’s disease and was a resident at Harley House Nursing Home on Elms Road in Leicester.

Miss Bradley was immobile and on 19 July 2008 she was being transported in a sling from her bed to a specialist chair. During the manoeuvre she fell to the floor and hit her head. She died from her injuries in hospital the following day.

The HSE investigated the incident and found that the hoist was in a poor condition. The stitching on the sling was worn and damaged, which meant the support stays that should have held Miss Bradley’s head could not be used.

The investigation also identified that the balance mechanism on the hoist was not set at the right level, meaning the sling was not level when it was lifted, thus allowing Miss Bradley to slip out.

The two employees who lifted Miss Bradley had not received adequate manual handling training, specific to using this particular hoist. The home also didn’t have a system in place to assess employee competence in manual handling.

HSE inspector Dr Richenda Dixon told SHP the hoist hadn’t been examined by a competent person on a regular six-month basis, which is a legal requirement. She also explained that the sling didn’t meet current safety standards as it was nine years old and had a life expectancy of two years.

“With properly maintained equipment, better training and supervision this incident was easily preventable,” said Dr Dixon. “The risks from hoisting residents in nursing homes are well known, and falls during hoisting have resulted in severe injuries, from broken bones through to fatalities.

“There should have been regular checks on the sling and the hoist, proper planned preventative maintenance carried out, and both should have been thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once in every six months. Sadly, this did not happen and an elderly lady lost her life.”

The HSE issued two Improvement Notices to the care home, which required it to provide additional manual handling training for staff and a system for checking staff competency in this area, and for all other lifting equipment at the home to be examined by a competent person.

Harley House Nursing Home was jointly owned and managed by Fatima Mawji and Munira Mawji. They have subsequently sold the home but the HSE decided to prosecute them as individuals.

Fatima Mawji and Munira Mawji appeared at Leicester Crown Court on 30 August and pleaded guilty to breaching s3(1) of the HSWA 1974. Each was fined £50,000 and ordered to pay £20,000 in costs.

In mitigation, they said they had complied with the enforcement notices prior to selling the home. They added that they have no previous convictions and the home had a good reputation for care, as do the three other care homes they own in Leicestershire.

STORM Consultancy offer Health & Safety advice and are available to provide advice on care home management. For any questions please get in touch with us on 0845 894 6342 or [email protected]

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Mine Safety And Health Administration Helps Miners Fight Unsafe Conditions

Federal regulators are helping miners fight suspensions, discharges and other discriminatory actions by companies after they report or refuse to work in unsafe conditions.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration said the enforcement effort includes educating miners about their health and safety rights. The agency also is taking legal action to get miners who file mine safety discrimination complaints temporarily reinstated to their jobs.

Miners’ fears of retaliation and discrimination were revealed during congressional hearings following the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion in West Virginia that killed 29 workers in 2010, MSHA said.

“All miners have the right to a safe workplace, and the right to identify hazardous conditions and refuse unsafe work without fear of discrimination or retaliation,” MSHA director Joe Main said Thursday in a news release. “Since I arrived at MSHA nearly three years ago, one of my top goals has been to educate miners about those rights and protections, and to rigorously enforce them.”

MSHA said it filed 70 mine safety discrimination complaints during fiscal years 2010 and 2011, compared to 39 during the previous two fiscal years. Requests for temporary reinstatements submitted by the agency on behalf of miners rose from 22 to 71 during the same period.

The Mine Safety and Health Act prohibits the discharge or discrimination against a miner who files a health or safety complaint.

MSHA said it is developing a guide for miners’ representatives that explains their rights under the 1977 law. It is expected to be completed in the fall.

STORM Consultancy work with many businesses providing Health & Safety – for any enquiries please contact us on 0845 894 6342 or [email protected]

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Creamfields cancelled due to extreme weather!

Following extremely heavy rain this weekend the popular Creamfields Festival had to be cancelled stopping the festival finishing its usual three day fun. The site was completely washed out and some areas were under 1.5m of water! The site was considered unsafe and the decision was made to officially cancel the day at around 0900 hrs. Sunday morning.

Customers awaiting news on ticket refunds for the cancelled Creamfields event have been told that a decision will be made within 24 hours. The festival’s official website posted a detailed account of events that lead to the cancellation, offering customers a clear insight as to why the decision was made.

Despite some criticism that the cancellation announcement wasn’t made sooner, organisers explained in the statement that several key exit routes had been rendered unusable due to the flash floods and that it was vital a new evacuation plan was in place prior to any announcement being made. The statement read:

“Several alternative exit routes needed to be implemented to allow 50,000 people (to) exit safely and this exit plan had to be in place prior to any announcement taking place.”

Initially, only those with day tickets for Sunday were told not to travel to the site or turned away on arrival.

Almost two weeks worth of rain fell overnight on Saturday, causing several of the major structures to be deemed unsafe as well as access bridges from some of the campsites flooded.

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Support for Removal of Asbestos by 2030!!

Two-thirds of Australians want the federal government to ensure all asbestos is removed from homes, workplaces, hospitals and schools by 2030, according to a new poll commissioned by the ACTU.

The Auspoll survey, released on Monday, found two-thirds of people believe asbestos remains a big health problem.

Almost 90 per cent of people say the presence of asbestos would influence their decision whether to buy a house or not.

Asbestos is a silent killer and a plan needs to be put in place to remove it from the built environment completely,” ACTU president Ged Kearney said in a statement on Monday.

“The results of this poll show there is strong community support for government action to remove asbestos in Australia by 2030.”

Unions will discuss plans for asbestos removal at a meeting in Sydney on Tuesday.

The summit will be addressed by Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten.

Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos-related diseases in the world mainly due to the extensive use of the building material between the end of World War II and the 1980s.

Every third domestic dwelling built before 1982 is thought to contain asbestos.

STORM Consultancy provide advice on the management and removal of asbestos. We carry out asbestos surveys for many clients and are always happy to help. Please contact us on 0845 894 6342 or [email protected]torm Consultancy , Asbestos , Asbestos Survey  , Asbestos Removal , Health & Safety , Jonathan Cunningham MBE

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Yet another fantastic year at Southport Flower Show

STORM Consultancy were delighted to take the role of General Manager for yet another year running at the Southport Flower Show 2012. This year’s theme was ‘cool’ – and that it certainly was! We had some great celebrity guests this year, from Coronation Street actors to Star Wars actor Dave Prowse. We had amazing show gardens and some interesting stands!

The STORM team set up office on site at Southport Flower Show for the week whilst managing many of the main components of the show. We had a great team working with us and genuinely had a fantastic time!

We would like to thank everyone involved in making the show another spectacular event!

Please head to our Facebook page to see more images from the show!

STORM Consultancy manage large scale events – for more information or advice please contact us on 0845 894 6342 or drop us a line [email protected].

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Southport Flower Show 2012

STORM are excited to be finally getting in to the last run up before the show, the build has started and we are busy preparing for this year’s show. We are always delighted to be working with Southport Flower Show and each year is more spectacular than before!

Stay tuned for updates in the big run up to the show…

STORM Consultancy manage large scale events all over the UK, we also provide Health & Safety for all kinds of events. If you have any queries or would like to find out more about our services then please get in touch!

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STORM Successfully deliver Health & Safety for Liverpool Pride 2012

STORM Consultancy delivered the Health & Safety for this year’s Liverpool Pride, and what a fabulous event! The amount of people that turned up this year was way over 50,000 and everyone was in great spirits. The parade kicked off at 1200 hrs. and despite rain and clouds for the first half of the day – the celebrations did not stop. Music and entertainment ran throughout the whole day coming to an end at 2000 hrs. however pride celebrations ran through the night!

STORM Consultancy not only provide Health & Safety for events, we also fully manage events. With years of experience with large events right through to small corporate eventswe take pride in delivery an excellent service for our clients. If you would like any information or have any questions about events, event safety or anything else then please get in touch on 0845 894 6342orm consultancy , health and safety , storm health and safety , health and safety advice , large scale events , event management , jonathan cunningham

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Temporary Demountable Structures – Get Clued up!

With previous stage collapses hitting the headlines, and as we’re currently about to hit the big festival summer season this is definitely a hot topic! Jonathan recently attended the 2012 ’ Examining Large Temporary Structures ‘ seminar in Sheffield – something he found extremely beneficial to STORM.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts from the HSE to ensure you successfully manage the safe erection, use and collapse of temporary demountable structures.



  • Consider what the structure will be used for, what it needs to be able to do, who will use it and how?
  • Prepare a clear specification for the structure’s required use. This should include the technical details required to enable a design to be undertaken by your appointed TDS contractor(s) / designer (s).
  • TDS contractors / designers hired to design, supply, build, manage and take down a structure for you, should be competent and adequately resourced.
  • Provide TDS contractors / designers with relevant site information and/or allow them site access to carry out their own site assessments.
  • Your TDS contractor should ensure that the proposed structure has a design prepared by a competent person, which takes account of the use and conditions in which it is to be installed.
  • Where a structure is to carry advertising / scrim, include this requirement
    in any design concept, specification and structural assessment.
  • Novel or unusual structures may require additional testing by a TDS designer to demonstrate the integrity of the design.
  • Whoever builds the structure should undertake an assessment of the likely construction hazards and risks. To help with an assessment and to find out more about construction hazards and risks see:
    • Falls from height
    • Construction safety topics (including lifting operations and vehicle safety)
    • Health problems in construction
  • Plan and work with your contractors to develop safe systems of working and make sure all significant risks on the site are properly controlled, eg use of cranes and lift trucks.
  • Plan to minimise confusion and conflict, particularly between those contractors carrying out concurrent or consecutive activities on the same structure.
  • Consider the extent of control that you and your contractors have over the work activity and workplace during each phase of the build, use and deconstruction cycle of a structure. Organisers and TDS contractors should agree the extent of their control at the planning stage, so that responsibility for structural safety is understood and maintained throughout the event.

Building and dismantling the TDS

  • The assessments done under Planning (above) should serve as a guide on how to build and dismantle the structure safely.
  • Make sure there is sufficient time and resources available to build and dismantle the structure safely.
  • Use competent staff and have a suitable on-site operational management system in place to supervise and monitor safety compliance.
  • A programme of works, including key safety checkpoints, can be helpful to communicate critical erection / dismantling stages to the site manager / crew bosses and operatives.
  • Build the structure to the agreed design in accordance with a safe system of work.
  • Arrange for the structure to be checked to make sure that it has been built according to the design.

While TDS is in use

  • Have arrangements in place to inspect the structure for deterioration during the time it is installed in line with a documented management plan and, if needed, arrange for remedial works.
  • Any change in the proposed use of the structure or site conditions which may affect the structure’s suitability should trigger a design check for the new conditions. An example of this may be the requirement to add additional banners to a structure such as a PA tower. The organiser is responsible for ensuring this is done.
  • Have arrangements in place to ensure that any measures required to keep the structure safe during use are implemented. For example, if the structure is susceptible to the weather, monitor and measure the local weather conditions. In adverse weather conditions, know what to do with the structure to protect its stability, eg when to open wind relief panels and when to evacuate.


  • Take forward incomplete design concepts, as this could result in last-minute modifications, leading to safety problems.
  • Build a structure on unstable ground.
  • Put advertising / scrim on a structure if a competent person has not approved it as being safe – it can affect wind loading and increase the risk of collapse / overturn.
  • Use flammable fabrics.

STORM Consultancy provide event Health & Safety as well as Full Event Management, we are also happy to have a chat with anyone who would like any information on these topics!STORM Consultancy , Event Management , Event Safety , Large Scale Events , Asbestos Management , Health and Safety , Health and Safety Consultancy

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STORM Consultancy working Pride this weekend

STORM Consultancy are proud to be working at Liverpool Pride this weekend taking on the Health & Safety for the event. This is the second time we’ve been involved with Pride and can’t wait to get stuck in again this year!!

Stay tuned for more news, pictures and videos of the colourful event!!

STORM Consultancy are working on some of the biggest events this year providing anything from Health & Safety to full management of the event. Please get in touch for more information [email protected] or phone us on 0845 894 6342.

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Warrington firm fined £6,500 for breaching health and safety rules after handrail collapsed

A construction company was fined after two workers fell from a scaffolding platform after a handrail collapsed. The firm were fined for breaching Health & Safety Rules.
The men, including a 59-year-old from Hightown, had been investigating a leak in the roof at Barlow Moor High School, Manchester, when one of them leant on a wooden handrail that collapsed.
The other worker tried to grab hold of him, but they both ended up falling to a scaffolding platform with protruding metal poles more than one-and-a-half metres below.
Warrington-based Cruden Construction Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching regulations by failing to ensure the hand rail was a sufficient strength and rigidity for the work and was fined £6,500. Trafford Magistrates’ Court heard the Hightown worker twisted his right knee and suffered bruising to his ribs and left arm.

STORM Consultancy work with many companies providing Health and Safety – for more information please contact us on 0845 894 6342 or [email protected]

We’re more than happy to have a chat with anyone who may have burning questions or wish to rack our brains on everything health and safety, free of charge of and saftey, risk assessments, storm consultancy, jonathan cunningham, event management,

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