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Business Resilience

Regrettably, life and business is full of surprises! Some of those surprises can stop your business and cause considerable damage. It is your duty to plan for those risks and circumstances that are foreseeable. STORM has advised multiple companies in the creation of robust resilience planning so they can weather the STORM! 

Resilience Services

The core areas of business resilience are show below. Have a look and then give STORM a bell...

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more_vertBusiness Continuity Planning
closeBusiness Continuity Planning

STORM has created business continuity plans for many businesses and organisations. These range from NHS Trusts, large universities, overseas companies, care homes and cathedrals. The key is to keep it simple and to not get lost in the detail. Areas of risk investigation include physical safety, reputational risk, key personnel, significant equipment and infrastructure, utilities, supplier vulnerabilities, key revenue streams/clients, intellectual risk, staff and personnel availability, to name but a few. STORM will conduct an onsite resilience survey and assessment and produce a comprehensive report, action plan and present the main findings to the senior board or management team. Only then, can you sleep more soundly at night! 

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more_vertCounter Terrorist Planning
closeCounter Terrorist Planning

In recent years, events, buildings, people and infrastructure have been the focus of some horrific terror attacks. These facilities or events present multiple opportunities for any capable and determined terror organisation. These include massed crowds, symbolic events, newsworthy via TV, radio, cable and social media and widespread mass disruption. STORM has years of experience of assessing these terror risks, designing the appropriate counter measures, preparing your teams to react and respond in the event of an incident. Terror and security contingency planning is pivotal to your business survivability. Chat with one of our team today!

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more_vertSite Security Reviews
closeSite Security Reviews

It doesn't matter if you are a school, hotel or military establishment, your physical  security, documentation, staffing and procedural security needs continual review. STORM has conducted multiple reviews across organisations to identify their strengths and core vulnerabilities. You might not be as secure as you initially considered!

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more_vertEmergency Planning Exercises
closeEmergency Planning Exercises

Rehearse - Rehearse - Rehearse! STORM will create a bespoke training exercise for your organisation. Your teams will be put through their paces as the pre-designated exercises are played. STORM has written and delivered many training exercises for organisations. The event is filmed and then played back for live feedback to the client. A post exercise report with follow up actions is published for all clients. 

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