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Event Safety

STORM is an experienced large event safety management company.

STORM specialise in the safe delivery of large scale events such as music festivals, horticultural shows, televised sporting events, large pyrotechnical displays, charity events and large official launches. STORM has had years of experience in successful and safe event delivery. STORM event safety is completely delivered in-house avoiding large fees having to buy in such expertise.

Event Services

Event Safety is all about relationships, effective communication and getting on with people. Show time is no time for clipboards and people 'tutting' as you attempt to deliver an event. A pragmatic event focus safety team is what you need. So let's get on with the show! 

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more_vertEvent Safety Documentation
closeEvent Safety Documentation

For all events you are required to produce your written safety plans. This is the creation of the Event Safety Management Plan (ESMP) and comprises of various sections. These include the overview of the event, resourcing and logistics but also the significant risks and how you intend to manage these.  Event contingency planning in of extreme weather of the arrival of unexpected visitors will also be covered. STORM is well experienced in the production of this event safety documentation. Don't reinvent the wheel this is what we do!

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more_vertAttendance at Safety Advisory Group Meetings
closeAttendance at Safety Advisory Group Meetings

Larger events typically over 500 people will require the organisers to present their event proposals and plans to the regional Safety Advisory Group (SAG). This group comprises of representatives from the local authority, emergency services and environmental health. The quality of your presentation and assurances to the SAG that your event will be safe may determine if it is permitted to go ahead. STORM has attended multiple SAGs of the years and will aim to provide the assurances that the SAG seek. Get STORM as part of your event team! 

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more_vertCrowd Control & Flow Safety Advice
closeCrowd Control & Flow Safety Advice

Crowd control and flow dynamics is a specialist subject. You are required to know estimated crown densities, flow rates, aperture sizes and how you would deal with sudden surges in people or emergency scenarios. As the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 proved if you get the crowd management wrong lots of people can lose their lives. STORM is experienced in crowd flow modelling and ensuring your event remains incident free. 

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more_vertEvent Safety Officers
closeEvent Safety Officers

All STORM Event Safety Officers love events! STORM can provide appropriate experienced and competent staff to supervise the event build, live and breakdown. They are always suitably pragmatic to ensure the show goes on and seek to find a rapid solution to those safety challenges that always arise. All their actions and safety checks are fully recorded to provide you with the evidence should it be required. Safety offices liaise and brief deployed event teams such as security, first aid, volunteers, emergency services and artist liaison etc. Each safety officer produces a report and contribute to the post event report. 

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more_vertCDM 2015
closeCDM 2015

All event construction where temporary structures, staging, marquees, scaffolding, fencing, signage and crowd control measures are erected fall under the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015. STORM ensures all parties are aware of their responsibilities under the regulations and the creation of the necessary documentation eg the Construction Phase Plan. You have enough to get on with running an event so allow STORM to lift this burden from you!

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more_vertContractor Scrutiny and Management
closeContractor Scrutiny and Management

Under health and safety legislation your event contractors must be subject to scrutiny and due diligence to ensure they are competent and experienced. STORM take on this duty on behalf of the client ensuring risk assessments, safe systems of work, insurance and certifications/licences are checked and generally make sure they are up to the job! 

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more_vertSite Management Services
closeSite Management Services

Need someone to run your event? No problem. STORM will take on the duties of the site manager and ensure that your event is built, run and dismantled in good order. Safety is our first consideration so you are in good and experienced hands. There will be lots of things that will go wrong so you need a good team to keep your event on track! 

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more_vertEvent Accident Investigation
closeEvent Accident Investigation

Mistakes do happen and when they do, you need an experienced event safety team to conduct the investigation. Lessons must be learnt and reports written to satisfy the main safety regulators. If you need an independent company to conduct the investigation and review then give STORM a phone!

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more_vertCounter Terrorist Advice
closeCounter Terrorist Advice

Over recent years, large events have been the focus of some horrific terror attacks. Events present multiple opportunities for any capable and determined terror organisation. These include massed crowds, symbolic events, newsworthy via TV, radio and social media. STORM has years of experience of assessing event terror risks, designing the appropriate counter measures, preparing your teams to react and respond in the event of an incident. Terror and security contingency planning is pivotal to the safety of the event. Don't leave it to chance! 

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