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Health & Safety

Every organisation is legally responsible for the safety, health and welfare of its staff, suppliers and members of the public. But before you start to lose sleep over this it isn't as complex as one may think. That is where STORM comes in. STORM is experienced in pointing you in the right direction regardless of industry and either providing a 'light touch' or heavy hand-holding. If you are ok we will tell you straight. So stop worrying and have a chat to one of our amazing STORM team. 

What We Do On-site

We provide a range of services to a multitude of amazing clients. In some case the risks are complex; equally they can be very routine so our support packages vary. We work with the enforcement agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive and local Fire Brigade and if things go wrong we are there for you at your side. Some of our service areas are shown below:

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more_vertCompliance Audit
closeCompliance Audit

We all love a good audit! STORM will come on site, meet your team and assess your activities, documentation and environment. We will then highlight any compliance gaps in a simple to read report. Chances are you aren't as bad as you think. 

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more_vertFire Risk Assessment
closeFire Risk Assessment

All commercial premises are legally required to possess a fire risk assessment. This must be undertaken by someone who is competent in assessing the risk, activities and the existing passive and active fire systems. STORM has considerable experience of assessing a range of commercial buildings ranging from schools, hospitals, cathedrals to care homes. Ask one of the team for a quote.  

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more_vertCDM Principal Designer
closeCDM Principal Designer

The Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 defined the role of the Principal Designer. This appointment ensures that all necessary foreseeable pre-construction hazards are correctly managed. It's not hard; it's just about good communication. So STORM loves getting our hard hats on and assisting on site with multi-million Cathedral construction projects or small commercial sites. The legislation can be confusing so ask one of our team for some simple clarity. 

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more_vertRisk Assessments
closeRisk Assessments

Don't you just loathe that phrase 'risk assessment'. Joking aside we are all legally required to assess the risks we are commercially responsible for. However, the law states that we must manage those that are significant and foreseeable. STORM will assist you establish your risk assessments and keep it manageable. So do not despair - children can swing across a river on an old rope if it is correctly managed. 

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more_vertRetained Safety Services
closeRetained Safety Services

Some clients may wish to have the reassurance that a safety company is permanently part of their team. The services that form part of this retained arrangement will vary. Some clients may want documentation establishing from scratch, some will want more site visits, or some will wish for more staff training. What ever you want STORM can provide a package to suit your needs and budget. We will always present 3 packages for you to compare. 

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more_vertPost Accident Investigation
closePost Accident Investigation

Sadly, accidents do happen. You are required by law to investigate your accidents, near misses and incidents to reduce the chance of it happening again. STORM can conduct serious accident/incident investigation and work with the regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive, Care Quality Commission or Local Authority. STORM has considerable experience in serious and fatal investigations. 

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more_vertSchools and Colleges
closeSchools and Colleges

STORM looks after several schools and colleges. We love going back to school and ensuring the equipment, premises, activities and procedures are safe for the pupils and staff. Our services are comprehensive but can cover documentation, fire risk assessments, playground equipment safety, return to work interviews, COSHH assessment, accident investigation and staff training. Let STORM do your homework! 

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more_vertAncient Buildings and Estates
closeAncient Buildings and Estates

STORM loves old estates and buildings. These present their own unique challenges ranging from fire to asbestos and legionella management. STORM is honoured to look after old cathedrals, churches, country hotels and large ancient estates. Once again its no rocket science its just straight forward common sense at the end of the day!

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more_vertManagement of Contractors
closeManagement of Contractors

We all need contractors and subcontractors. They conduct activities and bring expertise that we can not provide on site. However, if they are not managed correctly then they become the greatest risk to your health and safety. STORM assist its clients with this service. STORM will review risk assessments, safe systems of work, insurance, construction phase plans, brief them on site and if required, supervise them. Once again, it's about getting on with people so lets put the kettle on while we talk safety!

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more_vertSafe Systems of Work
closeSafe Systems of Work

A safe system of work (SSW) is a logical series of steps to conduct an activity safely. They should be closely tied to the risk assessments and fully understood by all staff. They must be sensible and detail all the required personal protective equipment for the task. STORM establishes such SSW and trains your staff how to follow them. 

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more_vertTender Support
closeTender Support

STORM assists several businesses with commercial tendering. So if you are attempting to win a large local authority tender or a smaller project for a commercial company then we can assist. So let STORM support you with the large health and safety section so you and your team can focus on the other sections. And when you get shortlisted STORM is happy to form part of your presentation team. So together lets win some amazing business!

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more_vertTrouble with the HSE?
closeTrouble with the HSE?

From time to time we all have a run in with the Regulator! That can be the nature of business. So if the Heath and Safety Executive, Local Authority, Environmental Health or Local Fire Brigade has turned up at your place of work and served you with an improvement notice STORM can assist. We will guide you, assist you to improve, train your staff and ensure the Regulator has the evidence to get them off your back. So stop worrying and allow STORM to lead the way. 

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